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As a gifted full stack web developer and general technology enthusiast, I have vast experience and participation in many software projects for different business areas, using diverse programming languages ​​and solution platforms.

Landed my first job as a programmer in 2011, and since then had worked with a variety of programming languages and frameworks, such as: JavaScript (Express, NestJS, AdonisJS, loopback.io, React, Angular…), C# (.NET Core), PHP (Laravel, Symfony, Yii…), Python (Flask), Java (Spring Boot), among others. Always focusing to attend each project`s unique design specifications.


Lucas Teixeira Rocha

Work Process


Research and Plan

Let me help you choose and/or design the best toolset, estimate scope, budget and deadlines for your project.


Design and Develop

Track your project's status through agile meetings and charts. Get pleased with code evolution on it's Git repository history.



Fresh shippable code just in time! Don't know what to do with it? Don't worry, I'll assist you during the whole deployment process including the most modern CI/CD tools configuration. I Can even host your project myself if you need it.